Just So You Know, I Forgive You


I want you to know that I forgive you.

I know you tried to sabotage me.

I know you were hoping I’d fail and fall apart.

I know you talked about me behind my back.

I know you said I was fat.

I know you got with the guy you knew I liked. Especially when I told you I liked him and you said, “I know you like him, but do you care if I get at him?”

I know you excluded me on purpose.

I know you let other people talk about me to you and that you did not and would not defend me even though we were friends.

I know you lied on me.

I know you laughed at me when I was at my lowest.

I know we were growing apart.

I know you went out of your way not to support me.

I know you got jealous.

I remember how cruel and cold you were too.

And I want you to know, I still forgive you.

Even though the things you said and did hurt, they did not and will not break me. Ever.

You made me stronger. You taught me what not to do, how to be better, and how to use pain for good.

You kept me going to God.

You upped my prayer life.

You showed me the power of resiliency.

You taught me how to heal.

And you taught me how to forgive.

I know hurt people hurt people, which helps me get through this. I have peace and can experience joy. And I can breathe.

I am relieved. I am free. And I am still me.

My heart has no room or space for bitterness, resentment, revenge, or grudges. Those weights are far too heavy for anyone to carry. You will not be the reason I lose faith or discard my hope. There is still goodness in this world and good people too.

I forgive you.