This New Samsung Robot Looks Like It Comes Straight Out Of A ‘Black Mirror’ Episode


Samsung has released a new robotic personal assistant named Ballie that follows you around the house. It’s meant to anticipate your needs and serve as a life companion. It contains built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, a camera, and a mobile interface.

According to the commercial (which you can watch below) the robot is capable of entertaining your pet throughout the day, and can also show you live footage of your pet while you’re out of the house.

Even though the robot is intended to help make lives easier, viewers are already saying it looks like something straight out of Black Mirror. In other words, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention, pet owners don’t think these things are going to last long when their animals are in the mood to play.

In an age where consumers are already worried about their phones listening to everything they say, having a device like Ballie following them around the house and documenting their every move might not be the best idea. The idea might work better as an episode of Black Mirror.