KFC Just Released Bath Bombs That Will Make You Smell Like Fried Chicken And It’s Proof That 2017 Is The Worst


Like many meat-eating humans of the world, I LOVE the smell of fried chicken. Seriously, I practically drool every time I pass by a restaurant that serves it. But does that mean I’d want to smell like fried chicken? Um, no thanks.

I’m not sure if I’m the minority when it comes to this sentiment or if 2017 is truly just the worst, but if you’ve ever wanted to smell like the inside of a chicken bucket, KFC’s got you — their new bath bomb will make your whole bathroom (and you!) smell like their secret recipe.

Honestly, I’m not sure what business KFC has making bath bombs or who actually thought this was a good idea, but I can tell you that I am both thoroughly disturbed and intrigued. I would never spend my money on this, yet if someone gave me one as a gift, I wouldn’t not use it, you know?

But luckily, I probably won’t have to deal with that, because the novelty item is a limited edition product that’s only in Japan. Oh yeah, and only 100 lucky winners will actually get to try it. So chances are, even if this seems like the perfect stocking stuffer for your boyfriend, you’re probably out of luck.

Still, I can’t stop obsessing over the fact that this even exists. This is going to be a long night of ruminating over my existence, the shitshow that is 2017, and the idea that there are really people on this Earth who want to smell like a big ol’ bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.