Khloé Kardashian Still Wants To Marry Tristan Thompson


Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson has dominated the entertainment news cycles ever since their daughter was born — you know, just days after Tristan’s cheating scandal was revealed to the public. We’ve all been waiting (rather impatiently) to find out what would happen to the couple, who haven’t yet dated for a full year.

Well, according to one source, it looks like the pair are still in it for the long haul. In fact, Khloé Kardashian hopes the two will get married someday.

Though Khloé has yet to open up about the cheating scandal, she’s made quite the statement by continuing to live in Cleveland with Tristan, despite reports that she was planning to move back to LA with her family. However, plenty of her friends and family have spoken to the press about it. Sister Kim Kardashian, for instance, was one of the first, telling Ellen Degeneres that while the situation was “sad” and “fucked up,” she was keeping her mouth shut for the most part. And if the reports are right, it sounds like most of her family isn’t quite happy with Khloé’s decisions thus far.

But fucked up or not, a source told People that Khloe wanted to keep her family together, and that she felt much better about the situation. “She keeps Tristan on a short leash,” the source said. “He has been very apologetic.”

While it may be a little early for the wedding talk, Khloé still has hope for the future. “She believes they can figure things out and have a happy life together.” the source said.

And hey, who am I to judge? Maybe she’s right.