You Deserve This Kind Of Love


You deserve
Who calls you
On the phone
Not only when they are lonely
But when they are busy
Just to hear your voice

You deserve
Who makes you feel
Like the sexiest woman
He has ever seen
Because you are you
And this is his favorite thing
About you

You deserve
Who chooses you
Every day
Not only as a lover
But as a best friend

You deserve someone
Who will make plans with you
Ahead of time
Because he knows it is important to you
And that it makes you feel loved

You deserve
Whose presence
Reminds you
To thank god
For all you have been rejected from
Because it led you
To them

You deserve
Whose love
Makes you feel like you are on vacation
And at home
At the same damn time

You deserve
Who speaks to you
With respect
And love
Even when they are angry
And tired
As hell

You deserve
Who has a big, beautiful life
Filled with passion and purpose
And still makes time for you
Because they want to

You deserve
Who doesn’t expect you to be perfect
And loves you in spite of
Not despite of
All of your imperfections

You deserve
Who doesn’t need you
For he is already full and whole
But wants you
With him
To enjoy
This wild ride called life

You deserve someone
Who is capable
And willing
To have those difficult conversations
As life is full of them
And believes
That you can get through
Whatever comes your way

You deserve someone
Who allows you
To show up
Exactly as you are
And feel whatever it is you are feeling
In any given moment
And doesn’t try to “fix” you
Because he knows
That you are not broken

You deserve
Whose presence
Comforts you
When the world feels
Cold and harsh
As it does
Every now and then

You deserve someone
Who gives you space
To grow
Into the best damn version of yourself
Even when things get messy
And strives to do the same

You deserve
Who wants to build a life with you
Based on your values and priorities
Rather than try to fit
Into some preconceived ideal
Based on society’s standards

You deserve someone
Who believes that being a part of your heart
Is a reason to keep doing these things
And not a reason to stop