Know Your Worth And Never Settle For Less


When you think about your current life situation, how does it make you feel? Are you content? Are you the happiest you’ve ever been or do you feel like you’ve settled and you’re accepting what you chose?

People will often tell you not to settle. What do you take from that statement? What does that even mean? Settling in life, relationships, jobs, dreams, etc.? We ALL do it at some point. I have just one question: Why? Do we feel undeserving of the best? Do you have self-worth issues or is someone holding you back? Sure, we all like to place blame, but you have to be accountable for yourself. Own your decisions and live by them. That is the only way to grow.

Be the captain of your own ship and sail into the direction you want to be at. Oftentimes people give up on themselves because someone at some point in their lives told them to, but why does that mean they should stop trying? Never give up on yourself, because the moment you do, you’re settling. Make a decision today that you deserve better and work toward that. Never look back.

None of us should let others control our lives. Now is the time to start your own path. If you’ve been struggling with happiness, it’s time to choose you. You have to decide what’s best and what works for you. Stop comparing and start living. You’re life is your own, so don’t settle for less. Don’t accept negative behavior and always strive for a positive life. There is nothing wrong with fighting for your happiness. Always remember that.

Among the years of becoming a mother and an adult, I have learned who I wanted to be and have worked so hard to become who I am today. There are always challenges thrown at you in every direction, which would make anyone want to just accept what is. But there is no reason to settle. You’d be doing yourself a disservice  by choosing contentment.

Stand up for what you believe in and you will be rewarded. Stand up for yourself and your hopes. Stand up for love and fight for what’s important to you. What’s yours will be yours if you choose it. Happiness will find its way to you, so let it. Choose yourself and don’t let go of your own path. Be bold and brave. Never let go of who you want to be.

You deserve every ounce of happiness. Never stop until you find that. Love everyone who gives you their heart. Lastly, I leave you with this: Don’t leave this world always wondering what life would be like if you had just fought for what you wanted. Don’t accept things that go against your values. Leave this world fully knowing you did your very best and you did not settle.