Life Is Temporary, So Choose Love Today


Life is temporary. Boy, doesn’t that hit hard? In life, we meet so many inspiring, encouraging, wonderful people. We love and grow to love so many different kinds of personalities for different reasons. They could be gone when you least expect  it. So, be sure you gave it your all. Don’t ever doubt your efforts of caring for others.

The people who you associate with are the ones you get to know on a personal level. Some of them have touched your soul, and some may be acquaintances. The point is how much you loved them and how much you cared about them.  It’s important to express your love and interest in those around you whenever you can.  When you lose someone, you don’t get them back, and you have to remember the lives and the memories you shared together.  So don’t live with regret. If you care about someone, let it be known.

Life is temporary. That statement resonates with me on such a high level. People come in and out of this world in the blink of an eye, and the thought of the unknown is frightening. But what matters is your impact on others. You have to give all your love to the people you care about. Otherwise, what are you living for?

Relationships are tough; people will hurt you by their actions. It’s bound to happen. Oftentimes people tend to write others off from how they have treated them, and that’s how it ends. Do not let bitterness take away your sweetness.  Choose to be better. Replace negativity with positive behavior and just be a good person. Be known as the person who cared.

Yes, there will always be someone you’re close with who you feel betrayed, hurt, and unloved by, but forgive them. When they are gone, what will you wish you could say? Will you wish your last conversation was different, or your relationship was different? Why do we hold onto negativity energy? Let the pain go and choose to love today.

You literally never know when someone’s last day with you will be, so cherish them now. Love them now, and care about them now. If your relationship is broken or not where it needs to be, fix it now. When someone passes on, you think about all the things you could have done differently. So make the changes while you still have them. Love them for who they are and what they mean to you. Never let someone you love feel uncared for.

The most important thing to remember is to always show your love, no matter what.  Don’t ever let  your resentment take over your relationships. Take action while you can. Don’t forget that love comes above all, so always be sure to choose that.