Let’s Be Real: Having Your Shit Together Is Overrated


We all know someone who arrives to class eight minutes early, pulls out a fluffy pen and notebook, and begins checking off their “to-do” list. This is also the person who meal-preps and carries around excess stationary.

I may have taken it too far with the fluffy pen, but you get the idea. They tell you they are so busy, all while having time to draw on their eyebrows before their 8:30.

Don’t worry. I get it. You have your shit together. 

If this works for you, go you! But speaking from personal experience, trying to keep up this appearance will wear your down. You’ll probably end up getting sick, sad, and burnt out. Not to mention all the better things you could put your time and energy into.

Rather than stressing over trying to appear okay and organized, I’m learning to laugh at the fact that sometimes my life is in shambles, and that is okay.

I used to think that if I had a checklist and followed a strict routine, I would be less anxious. The more caught up in my routines I got, the more anxious I got, and the more I thought it wasn’t okay to have a bad day or be sad. But in reality, it’s the other way around.

The less I cared about my appearance, the less anxious I became. 

It’s honestly great being able to laugh and find comfort in the fact that you’re imperfect. The mistakes and quirks make you relatable and unique, and generally more interesting to be around. Accepting imperfection is also one of the best and easiest ways to get closer with people.

Being able to joke with others about not being the only one who did poorly on a quiz is so therapeutic. Poking fun at yourself for spilling your coffee all over your shirt is guaranteed to make you feel less alone.

The truth is no one has their shit totally together.

We all scramble every now and then (or all the time) wearing the same thing we wore yesterday, and arrive unprepared. But that’s okay. It’s human.