Love Like You Have No Tomorrow


I’m trying to be more open and honest in life, with myself, and of course, with others around me. There’s nothing like being horribly straightforward with whatever is in our minds.

So, I’ve decided to write hopeless posts to express what I feel inside. I’m finally becoming reckless. Because what’s better than telling the people that you love, that you love them. Or that you’re dying to be held, engrossed in their touch. So I tell people, “I miss you.” “I’ve never been as happy as I am with you.” Or on the latter, “I wish it didn’t have to be this way.” “Don’t go.”

I’ve had too many of the good ones walk out of my life, but one, in particular, will always stand out. And it’s tiring to lose the ones you care for most, without explaining your feelings. But the other day, I let the fear of rejection out. And I finally had the courage to tell him the truth.

So, it didn’t turn out exactly how I expected. But who cares. I need to start living like every single day is my last. Because if I got killed tomorrow and I never spoke my truth, then I know I haven’t really lived at all. I would not want to leave this world without pouring all my feelings into the open.

I understand – the unknown is scary. We fear that what we say will scare others away and we are constantly worried about the responses of others to our own emotions. We all want to live like we are more powerful, than vulnerable.

But what if we lost that chance to let them know how we feel? What if you are never able to tell them how much you really want to see them, touch them, kiss them?

Someone once told me that nothing is more beautiful than just being, feeling. Nothing in this world is more special than being vulnerable. And nothing is worse than losing an opportunity that you may never know you have.

So take the risk. Maybe the feelings you express are mutual. Or maybe they’re not, but that too is okay. Because now you are able to live with honesty within yourself that you have said and done all you can.

Send that message, make that phone call. Tell them you love them. Because you never know when it will be your last chance. For all we know, it could be tomorrow.