The Worst Feeling In The World Is Trying To Cry Silently


One of the absolute worst feelings in life is sitting alone in your room and weeping silently because you don’t want anyone to hear your sobs.

But why are we so ashamed to cry? It’s a natural thing to do when we’re upset or sad. Maybe we don’t want people to hear us cry when we’re crying over things that we shouldn’t be. Like losing a guy you thought could be good for you, or just being emotional because you had a bad day. It’s like it’s almost impossible to get up and go get a Kleenex from the bathroom because you don’t want anyone to hear you blow your nose – because then they’ll know you were crying, so you just use your shirt sleeve for the time being. You sit in the dark contemplating all the things that could have gone wrong and did and wonder why it’s always you that seems to have all the problems in the world. You start to wonder why you weren’t good enough or what you could have done differently so you could have avoided feeling so alone in those moments of crying.

Your friends are texting you and every text you get makes you even sadder than the last because all you want is to feel good about yourself. You’re talking to these people who you know love you and wish nothing but the best for you and you’re wondering how you can be so sad when you have these people in your life. You refrain from telling them that you’re currently crying because you don’t know how to explain your sadness so instead you just text them as if nothing is wrong. It doesn’t seem fair that we don’t share our feelings because we don’t want to burden our friends with the burden that we’ve probably already shared before. It isn’t fair to us to hold our feelings in when emotions are meant to be expressed.

Isn’t it terrifying to think of how many people spend nights upon nights sobbing themselves to sleep because they aren’t happy? I’ve been there. I’m there right now while writing this. It is so incredibly important to know that good days are coming. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying and nothing wrong with admitting that you’re not okay. Even if you feel like you have no one to turn to, just know you have me. Relate to me, I feel your pain and I want you to know that you can make it through because I know you have that strength somewhere in you. Take a moment to find that strength. Believe in yourself and your happiness will come.