Loving Her Will Not Be Easy, But She Will Always Be Worth It


She thinks about you but doesn’t let you know. She will not always tell you how she feels out loud. She is a thinker. And sometimes she overreacts, gets little insecure, seeks more of your attention, questions your love.

She doesn’t doubt you, neither she is capable of truly trusting you.

She is the best at hiding her emotions and feelings. She won’t reveal her secrets, at first. She is afraid to let her know so well. She’s afraid to get so comfortable.

Trust me, she doesn’t pretend, she is just reacting her way. Sometimes, she will even dominate you.

She appreciates silence. She likes her alone time. She gives you space and independence to live your personal life. She’s gonna have a life beyond you. She will not call you every now and then. She is afraid of relying on you.

She doesn’t mind pushing you away if she feels like you’re close to hurt her. She knows how to protect her emotions. She won’t fight with you. She’ll be quiet rather. Your little reaction upsets her, she feels pain not anger. Her inside storm and uninterrupted silence will kill you.

She isn’t the easiest girl to love. Loving her will stress you out, will make you angry. Loving her will challenge you, will hurt you sometimes. You may think about giving up or tempted to walk away.

It’s so hard to love her anymore and it’s even harder to leave her. It gets complicated.

You will get to see her worst and the most vulnerable side that nobody has ever seen yet. You’ll have to be strong enough to handle her stupidities.

She needs someone who’s patient enough to understand her all unanswered questions, the reason why she is who she is today.

The relationship is not gonna be easy in any way.

But it doesn’t mean, she doesn’t love you.

She will love you deeper than anyone. You will be loved with such intensity and passion that you will possibly redefine what you thought about love earlier.

Loving her would be the best and the worst decision of your life. She will give you all her heart, once she believes that you’re never going to leave her.

Her love will make you forget your past miseries, will magically cure the wounds on your heart, and will gently remove scars in your life.

She wants to believe in fairy tales even she knows that she is not a fairy.

She doesn’t want you to give her expensive gifts. A date beneath the moonlight and shiny starts are enough to make her love you. She wants you to look at her eyes the whole night. She wants you to hold her tightly like she never felt before. She wants to dance with you.

She wants to believe in fairy tales even she knows that she is not a fairy.

If you find a girl like her, give her space to fly free, give her time to trust you, to accept you, give your love a chance to again blossom in her heart.

Because, she isn’t the best at being loved, but she’s pretty amazing at loving.