There Is No Justice


There exists no justice in the world.

Those who subscribe to the notion of a ‘moral conscience’, whilst braving the tempest of woes which is something of a day-to-day feature of this life, are nothing but idealistic fools. The popular religious edict of ‘turning the other cheek’ will only get you killed, for to conquer the devil requires not a conquest made through love, or gentle devotion; but a conquest instigated through the authoritative, and naked, devices of the human will, from which arises the deployment of sheer, calculated force to tackle the crises instigated by man.

Which inhibition, imposed on the human animal, is more fundamental, and more decisive in its efficacy, than that which is wrought by the threat of punishment?

In this life, the primordial law of the jungle prevails, in all its bitter fury. Those meek and naive enough to believe in such artificial, imaginary constructs as human morality and human ethics, are subsequently reduced to their logical place in our society ; to the very lowest recesses of this God-forsaken pit we call the land of human habitation. Mankind was clearly not worthy of living on this otherwise serene, and beautiful, planet. Man’s greed, and sheer moral depravity, will ultimately destroy it, and lead to his own undoing; an inevitable event, seeing as man’s nature is unchanging, predictable, and hell bent towards material acquisition.

I, for one, favor the destruction of man, well in advance of such an occurrence; for man’s lust for spawning corruption, and eventual enmity, knows no bounds.

Human nature is by default criminal, and requires the restraints of an unflinching, noble and just authority, to curb its spontaneous, and transgressing, advances. The pleasures afforded by the senses effectively succeed in undermining all concepts of ‘fair dealing’, for most of mankind is a slave to appetite; immune to the callings of the frantic soul, trapped within.

As a principle of conduct, morality may be equated with the soul, and its manifestation naturally arises from unselfish introspection, or intellectual engagement of even the lowest order; when one contemplates, with a heart possessed of integrity, and a mind critical to the core, on the bleak nature of our society, and its ills.

Here, the innocent toil with back-breaking labor on most days of their anguish-ridden lives, while the greediest, most despicable scum of the human population stick to them like parasites; exploiting their good faith and feeding off, insolently, and with mock apathy, on their hard-earned rewards. The innocent person (whether it be the good man or woman), once drained of his/her capacity to engage in further exertion to fund the complacent, and carefree, lifestyle of the said capitalistic agent, is subsequently plagued by all the ramifications which follow after having lived a life of blatant struggle; namely, ill health, fueled by constant psychological turmoil.

The worker, in effect, is trapped within a vicious cycle of torment; one which the society, whether it consists of relations, friends or strangers, is enthused to maintain; for such is the source of their sadistic pleasure.

The fully exploited worker, now unable to continue the effort, is readily discarded, mercilessly; with no calls of protest or outrage being poured in from a society already sponsoring, and condoning, such behavior, as ‘natural’. Indeed, what else do people enjoy more than witnessing, and thereafter in contemplating upon, the instances of despair, misery and misfortune; which happen to befall others, and which inevitably, strike every individual’s life at some point.

A great majority of mankind lack true wisdom, mistaking it for such concepts as intelligence, or common sense. It is due to this lack of true understanding, on their part, that they fall into the trap of glorifying concepts which offer tangible, short term pleasures; not realizing that most such indulgences often prove to be bitterly counterproductive, in the long run.

Another embittering issue is the subjugation of women, in a world where every societal institution has clearly been established on the historical, patriarchal model; allowing no room for change, or evolution into a construct more accommodating to the other half of humanity’s whole.

I am a devout believer in the religiously enshrined principle of a male’s inherent role: that to safeguard and maintain women. I posit myself not to be a conventional feminist, but on what intellectual premise do the anti-feminists stake their dogmatic claim that subjugation (read: oppression) is a vital prerequisite for this ‘maintenance’, or protection? Is not the ruthless oppression of the female a practical manifestation of this easily discernible phenomenon, since maintenance is literally translated as ‘subjugation’, in the orthodox male psyche?

As regards to this, and other such societal inequities, I believe that mankind’s ailments, in essence, can only be tackled through the contemplation, and the subsequent solutions, afforded by a mind critical of all social dogmas; in particular those of an inherited nature.