Meet Nick Crompton, The Controversial YouTube Star Behind ‘Team 10’


When you hear the name Nick Crompton, it might not immediately ring a bell, but his crew of Internet celebs certainly will — Jake Paul (brother of the infamous Logan Paul), Alissa Violet, AJ Mitchell (who all Hannah Montana fangirls should recognize), the Martinez Brothers. But even if Crompton isn’t the first person you think of when you hear the word “YouTube celebrity,” he’s certainly that — an Internet sensation that you’ve probably run across at some point, even if you didn’t realize who he was at the time.

Crompton is a 23-year-old from Bradford, England who moved to LA after he graduated school to foster his career. He has around 382,000 subscribers on his personal YouTube channel, but you may know him better from his video collaborations with other big-time YouTube stars, many of which have received millions of views. For instance, he’s been featured on multiple songs, including “Saturday Night” and  “England Is My City,” both starring Jake Paul. In fact, the pair seems to do a lot together and are constantly showing up in one another’s videos, which is how Crompton began his ascent into the limelight.

Considering his close friendship and partnership with Paul, it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of Crompton’s content revolves around pranks, memes, and humorous commentary about viral sensations. But his YouTube presence doesn’t end with his personal account — some may also know him from from ThePodGames, a YouTube account for online gaming, as well as Team 10, a self-proclaimed “squad of young like minded individuals who teamed up together to take over Hollywood.”

But while Crompton does have a fairly admirable Internet presence, he also thrives offscreen, where he acts as the standing COO of social media influencer incubation and marketing conglomerate TeamDom (which was formerly, and perhaps more notably, called Team 1o) and co-founder of European social media marketing agency Social Chain.

But Crompton’s image isn’t completely unmarred. Mid-2017, Crompton was accused of sexual harassment, asking for sexual favors in return for signing a new member onto Team 10. YouTuber Mick Maio vlogged about his experiences with Team 10, specifically his interactions with Paul and Crompton, and revealed screenshots of inappropriate Instagram DMs from Crompton that persistently asked for sexual favors. Maio’s video garnered a lot of attention when it was first posted, gaining over a million views, but it was quickly overlooked as Team 10 continued to gain traction, and even more so when Crompton revealed his boyfriend Levy to the public via Team 10 vlog in November.

It’s no real surprise that Maio’s video went, for the most part, ignored. Team 10 is known for their “indestructible” online presence and their uncanny ability to withstand an assortment of controversy and criticism from both the online vlogging community and the media at large. Through allegations of bullying, harassment, and poor treatment of sensitive subjects, Team 10 — and Nick Crompton — still manage to stand tall on their YouTube pedestal.