Ugly Girls Do Not Actually Exist


You might only take pictures using Snapchat because the filters completely change your facial features and it’s the only time when you feel attractive.

You might delete pictures from Instagram days after posting them because you aren’t sure if you actually look good in them and start to second guess whether you want anyone to see them.

You might consider yourself the least attractive person in your friend group. 

You might volunteer to take group photos of your friends so that you can stay hidden behind the camera.

You might feel like the reason you are forever alone is because you aren’t attractive enough.

You might hate your stomach. Your forehead. Your nose. Your thighs.

You might be an insecure girl — but you are not an ugly girl.

You are not ugly because the inside matters more than the outside. You have a brilliant brain. You have a soft heart. You have a beautiful soul.

You are not ugly because your personality makes you attractive. You are the kind of person who gives out second chances. The kind of person who loves without restraint. The kind of person who looks beyond the surface. The kind of person anyone would be lucky to have in their world.

You are the kind of person who sees the best in others — but you have trouble seeing the best in yourself. 

Despite the nasty things your brain has been telling you, you are not ugly. The view you have from your mirror is not the reality. Your eyes are fooling you. You are blinded to your own beauty.

You have a million pieces of yourself to be proud about but you are looking past those qualities and focusing on your flaws.

You shake your head whenever someone compliments you. You don’t think much of it when someone likes your photos. But when someone says something negative about you, you believe every word.

You have to understand that when your friends tell you how gorgeous you look, they are not saying that just to be nice. They are not saying that to make you feel better. They are not saying that because they feel like they have no other choice.

They are calling you beautiful because they believe it, even if you cannot believe it yourself.

The way you see yourself is not the way the rest of the world looks at you. You are your own worst critic. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

There is beauty trapped inside of you, but there is also beauty on the surface. There is someone out there who thinks the shade of your eyes is the most beautiful color in the world. There is someone who thinks you’re the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect person.

Stop calling yourself ugly, because you have good qualities, too.

Stop calling yourself ugly, because you don’t deserve to hear such mean words — even from yourself.

Stop calling yourself ugly, because the girl staring back at you in the mirror needs your love.

Stop calling yourself ugly, because ugly girls do not exist.