Meet The ‘Bongo Lady’ Who’s Taking Over The Internet (And Her Son Who’s Literally Dying Of Embarrassment Right Now)


The Bongo Lady is a Memphis Grizzly’s fan who has become a minor celebrity for her enthusiastic “bongo” playing.

Whenever the “bongo cam” comes on the Jumbotron, Bongo Lady goes wild.

She plays the air bongos so hard that she’s become a staple at the games. The Grizzlies’ Tony Allen has called her his “homegirl,” and Grizzlies’ GM Chris Wallace said “She’s been terrific.”

Not everyone likes the Bongo Lady, though. There’s one person who actually can’t stand when the Bongo Lady starts doing her thing. See if you can spot him in the gif below.

Didn’t spot him? Maybe you can find him in this gif.

The kid putting a bag over his head to Bongo Lady’s right is her son, who literally can’t even anymore.

“I guess I’ve gotten used to it,” he told the New York Times, in a profile of the Bongo Lady. “She lets out this shriek when she does it. It actually scares me sometimes.”


And when asked if he’d ever consider joining his mom playing the bongos, he shrugged it off and said “Whatever.”