15 Men Share The Little Things About Other Men That They Secretly Hate



“One-uppers. Yes, I know, everything I’ve ever done in my entire life you’ve done it slightly better. Now kindly fuck off and talk to somebody that cares.

The guy I deal with most who does this recently ascended. he one-upped HIMSELF. ‘When I get back from a ten mi – PFFT! FIFTEEN MILE hike.’

Fucking jackass.”



“Turning into assholes whenever someone they need to ‘impress’ (nearly always women) is nearby.”



“Over competitiveness. Friendly competition is good and challenging other friends to keep them motivated is good. But I have met some guys that just have to be better than everyone at everything. it gets old quick.

Both sexes can have this but I notice it more with men.”



“Judgemental jackoffs.

Go to the gym? Must be too dumb to read.
Don’t go to the gym? Weakling.
Drink? Drunk.
Don’t drink? Lameass.
Monogamous? Whipped.
Single and enjoying it? Too pathetic to get a woman.
Emotional? Pussy.
Emotionless? Asshole.

And on and on and on. You do you, I’ll do me, and if either of us changes what that means, WHO CARES.

Oh, also, I’ve met a few (and this is a more one-off thing, I really hope..) that look at any hobby that’s not a ‘normal’ mainstream hobby as being hipster or try-hard. I’m a hobbyist woodworker and roast my own coffee. That automatically means I must be a hipster?”



“The ‘manly’ guys who think ‘If you do this thing you’re a pussy/fag.’ Like, I wear pink sometimes because I have darker skin and it looks good on me. Also, my 5-year-old daughter’s favorite color is pink and she ‘bought’ me a couple of pink shirts for father’s day and birthdays. I wear those things with pride, and she loves when I do. I had a redneck coworker say something once about me wearing pink, and I point blank told him that if he’s so insecure about wearing a certain color, maybe he’s the one who is less of a man.”



“The ones that don’t care if your/a woman is with someone. They keep trying to pick her up, even if they know you’re with her.

That’s the quickest way for me to lose all respect for them.”



“The anything to get laid guys.

Bad pickup lines, excessive cologne, lying, hiding their wedding rings in their pockets, sports cars as over-compensation.

You get the idea.”



“Men who approach women and instantly do creepy ass shit at clubs (ass grabbing, touching).”



“I hate how fear, anxiety, shame, insecurity and feelings of inadequacy manifest in many men as anger and hate. That continual undercurrent of anger and hate injects so much toxicity into our culture in a general sense, but it also can poison smaller groups or gatherings.

What I hate even more was that I totally did that too when I was younger, so I get it. As a culture, we need to do a WAY better job of teaching boys and men to process their emotions and fears and to express emotions in healthier ways.”



“Every goddamn time I go to the club with my female friends, without fail, at least once per night some fucko is going to try groping/harassing one of my friends, then get pissed when he’s rejected, and get defensive when we call him out on it. Of course, we don’t let these guys ruin our nights but it’s still exhausting. The worst part is that since it’s so prevalent, I know it must be successful at least some of the time.”



“Making fun of other guys for having small dicks.

Seriously, dudes, nobody chose their dick. You shouldn’t be proud or ashamed of it because you didn’t earn it.”



“Yesterday I went to NYC to watch the New York Derby. In the subway, this fairly attractive girl was walking down the steps to the subway (42nd Street times square subway) and this guy was walking up the steps. I couldn’t hear what he said but she looked at him. Turned around. Power walked away and went down another set of steps. The guy walked past me saying ‘that fucking cunt. Doesn’t know any manners or how to treat a good guy.’ Sorry, go fuck yourself if you act like this. Be fucking respectful. I was annoyed as shit at this random man, giving us men bad names.

So yeah. Those kinds of guys.”



“Men who are useless without their mothers or their girlfriendmom.”



Alpha/beta talk drives me nuts. It sounds so dumb.”



“I’m gay; most men dismiss me completely as a man after they find that out. Or they instantly think that I want them which couldn’t be further from the case.

Also, weak handshakes. A limp handshake just makes me loose respect for someone immediately. I’m not saying you have to have bone crushing strength, but at least try. A firm, confident handshake says a lot about a person.”