Men Who Can’t Handle Us Will Always Call Us ‘Crazy’


That’s how most men in my country perceive their ex-girlfriends, females who gave them extreme highs and lows.

We will always be those crazy ex-girlfriends who once loved them enough, or maybe much more enough than they could handle and be deemed as highly sensitive and dramatic beings.

There are many articles written on women with anxiety issues, women with higher levels of empathy and sympathy towards others, women who ‘feel’ so much more than others and I honestly believe these are the reasons why we behaved the way we behaved derives from the word ‘anxiety’. However, in the eyes of men, we will always be labelled as ‘psycho.’

Truth is, they do not understand women like us. They do not feel the way we feel in a relationship. They do not know what it is like to take things, people and human relations seriously; to take matters of the heart and soul as important as they are to us. They don’t and they probably won’t.

Do not let their perceptions hit you down to rock bottom. They have to understand that we did not have the goal of setting relationships on fire. We did not come into their lives to destroy the ideas of love. We did not mean to show them the side of us that would push them further away from us. We could hide if we wanted to, but we thought that they loved us enough to be able to see past our flaws and grow together with us.

We did, however, bare the true selves of our souls and our minds in hopes that they would understand where we are coming from. We wanted to work things out with them but they did not want to because it was too much drama to them. We tried to communicate and still they thought that everything we said was associated to drama.

They were together with us long enough to know which buttons would make us worried, paranoid and everything else that came along with it, yet they pushed it anyways. Instead of putting the blame on us, why not think it through on why would they just pushed the buttons knowing that it would drive us ‘crazy.’

Yes, everything happens for a reason, but why would they push the buttons that could intensify every emotion we have in the relationship. I would believe that they secretly wanted to push our limits. After all, the one who loves the most is the one at the losing end. We would always be at the losing end because we loved them the most, we feel for them the most, and we would do anything for them the most too.

They knew they have the upper hand of the relationship and they knew that even if they’ve done nothing wrong, ultimately we would be the ones at fault because we flared, we raged and we went crazy. We would eventually blame ourselves for pushing the relationship to the end and we would blame ourselves for breaking the relationship apart.

They knew and they always will know that the easiest way out was to say that we are “psycho.”