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Sup, brahs! Just the bros here from Men’s Humor, bringing the best in Humor for Men, am I right?

Speaking of which: Boobs. Boom! Boobs! See that right there?

Like, sorry, but I’m just spitting the truth here. It’s not like what I’m saying is the basest stupidity that appeals to the lowest common denominator, alright? I’m just here drinking beers and having a good time! And Mondays suck! Am I right!? Or am I right?! #Realtalk.

Bitches are stupid though, right?! I mean, we love women. Men love women…to have sex with! (Just kidding, ladies! You’re the best!) But seriously, bitches can be so stupid. Like, stop pretending you don’t want to have sex with all of us! #Truth.

But seriously what’s with girls putting guys in the friend zone?! How dumb is that?! Like, get out of the friend zone and get into my pants, am I right, bros!? Beer me!

How much does the office suck, right?! Like, every office has a Debbie, some dumb bitch in HR who always is in a good mood. Fuck your good mood, Debbie! Am I right, guys?! Work is stupid. Why work when you can look at pictures of hot babes all day! Fucking women, right, guys?! Fuck yeah!

Who else here hates fucking Mondays?! Another day at the office, right? I’d rather be drinking brews, you know? Like when does Happy Hour start, huh? Am I right?

Football. FOOTBALL.

Also, BACON. Bacon! Am I right, guys? Fucking yeah. Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon!? FUCKING BACON.

Know what the worst thing is though? Monday mornings. Am I right? Know what the best things are? Alcohol and sex! Am I right, guys? Fucking hell yes I’m right.

Girls without boobs are like an iPad without apps…you have nothing fun to play with. Am I right, guys? Bros! #Truth #RealTalk Beer me!

And know what none of us are going to do? Die alone! Am I fucking right guys?! We’re just going to keep ripping shots and telling hilarious jokes. Watching football. And hating Mondays! Fucking Mondays!

What? Are we trying to get back at girls who ripped our hearts out? No fucking way dude. Chicks are for fags, am I right? Ha! #Moviequote

And we totally don’t hate women. If you say that you must be some feminazi, am I right? Or a queer. No homo! Not that we hate gay people, though, you know? Just do whatever you want in your own house, am I right?!

I haven’t got laid today, but I did bang the hell out of my snooze button this morning. Ha! Fucking Mondays! The worst!

You can only be young once…but you can always be immature! #Truth. So sorry for partying! Sorry for being awesome! Do you know how good it feels to have like 1,000 retweets on these awesome jokes?! It’s like heroin man. Heroin for your DICK! HA!

So yeah, nothing depressing here at all. Just a bunch of people sharing some awesome jokes. Hating Mondays. Wondering when these bitches are going to have sex with us. Am I right, guys?! Guys! Am I right!? I’m right! Right!?

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