My Fat Is Not Your Problem


I hereby would like to say; that I have been fat-shamed for the last damn time.

Not only is this a violation of my human rights, it is a violation of my woman rights. I need to first and foremost point out that not every fat person is unhealthy. And not all fat people hate their bodies. If you (as a society) hate my body, I suggest you put on some shades and look the other way. I do not recall coming into this life with a manual saying that I had to look or live any certain way.

Having a fat body is no different than having blonde hair, blue eyes, or brown skin.

It is merely what is on the surface of who I am. It is not your job to make sure that I am “healthy”. I do not recall asking your permission to be fat, and I do not recall asking for your opinion on how I look. Why is it that a man can be fat, and society will not judge him in the same way? Fat men get shamed too, but fat men are also allowed to shame fat women. Because as a man it is expected that he will drink beer and eat pizza. But as a woman? That is far too many calories, and “Maybe you should try a kale shake?”

One day in specific, I had commented on that unicorn drink from Starbucks. The drink wasn’t something I had planned on trying; but out of boredom and curiosity, I thought why not? Well, I called Starbucks and they said that my state was entirely sold out. I posted on Facebook because I had other friends who were interested. And this fat guy says: “That’s got too much sugar and is unhealthy” My simple response was, “Good thing it’s not your body.” But internally the flames flared. So then to make matters worse I told a girlfriend, who is also fat. And she said, “I don’t think he meant it like that, just unfriend him.”

Excuse me? Do what now?

As a fellow fat woman; you are going to sit there and tell me to run and hide from this misogyny? You want me to repress my opinions and not let my voice be heard? NO THANK YOU!

I refuse to hide in the shadows. I refuse to not stand up, to not educate, and to not let my voice be heard. This is 2018. Women are second-class citizens and fat women? We’re even below that. And it makes me sad, that so many of us run from the fears, from the bullying, and from the harsh words.

I bought my first bikini this year. I have every intention of wearing it on the same beaches you bring your children to. If I am not exposing my breasts and my vagina then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Except what you’re going to teach your children about acceptance and love.

My body is mine. I will worry about what I put into it and what I put on it. You don’t need to.

Instead of telling me I’m consuming too much sugar, maybe you should consume a little and sweeten up that shit attitude. Because truth be told, I can lose weight if I choose. But a shit personality like that will take far more than a gym membership. Enough is enough. I will NO LONGER be second class to you, Sir.

Now excuse me, my ice cream is melting.

To all of my fellow fat women. I said FAT. I don’t need to sugar coat that shit by saying Chubby, Squishy, Fluffy, or whatever. Fat is Fat. Own that shit girl. Own it! Because you know damn well someone out there is willing to worship it.

Now all you have to do is love it yourself.