To The Girl You Love Next


“I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow And each road leads you where you want to go And if you’re faced with the choice and you have to choose I hope you choose the one that means the most to you…But more than anything, more than anything My wish for you Is that this life becomes all that you want it to Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small You never need to carry more than you can hold And while you’re out there gettin’ where you’re gettin’ to I hope you know somebody loves you And wants the same things too.” – Rascal Flatts

There isn’t a doubt in my mind I loved you. Maybe I still do. Maybe I always will. I think before I even got to know you as well as I did, I looked at you and I knew I was going to fall unbelievably hard. What I also expected which became a reality was me getting hurt.

Loving someone like that when you know it’s not going to work in your favor is either bold or stupid. But I walked away from it knowing how genuine the love was I had for you. I walked away heartbroken but I still walked away thinking you were the best thing to have come into my life.

The pain I felt didn’t compare to the joy you brought to my life.

And I know regardless of where we go or who we end up with, a large piece of my heart will always belong to you.

You set this standard so high and yeah maybe I put you on a pedestal but I think you deserved to be there.

We each are going to care about a lot of different people in our lives.

So this is the hope I have for you when you love someone again.

I hope the person you love next realizes how truly lucky they are to have someone like you in their life. I hope they know you are one of the good ones. I hope they never take you for granted or get used to you. Because you deserve to be valued and appreciated and loved with everything someone can give. I hope they wake up every day counting their blessings for you.

I hope she motivates you and believes in you. You have this thing about you, this admirable trait of doing anything you set your mind to. Not only that but you do it well and you end up being the best at everything. I hope she’s the type of girl who sees how special you are. I hope you she tells you every day how you are going to change the world through your kindness and hard work and compassion.

I hope she challenges you. Emotionally and mentally. I hope she pushes you to become better even though you are already great. I hope she’s someone that motivates you and adds fuel to a fire that’s already big.

I hope she doesn’t let you get away with things, the type who calls you out when you make mistakes but stays by your side when you make them, helping you to learn.

I hope you find someone who values family as you do. Someone who will love yours like it’s their own. Parents who will love you like you are their own son. Parents that look at you and know you’d be the best thing their daughter could fall into.

I hope you find someone who loves you through your bad days. Someone to hold you when you aren’t yourself. Someone to counter every thought you have when it’s negative. Someone to talk you through your worries and never let you face bad days alone. Because you at your worst is better than most people’s best. I know there are parts of yourself you don’t like and things you wish you could change. But there isn’t a thing I’ve ever change about you. There are no perfect people in the world but you come pretty damn close.

Whoever the next person is that you love, you’re going to be the best thing that ever happens to them. Because you were without a doubt the best thing that ever came into my life.

And I made a lot of fucking mistakes both with you and in my life and somehow you always forgave me. Somehow you always made me better. You always pushed me to achieve more. And no matter how angry you might have been you always loved me. Thank you for being that type of person for me.

You change people. You changed me. You changed everything about my life and what I began to expect of people.

You never let me down not once. And yeah you had a lot of obligations but I hope whoever she is she knows you need a long leash. I hope she doesn’t try and control you but let you go where you want. I hope you travel and see everything you’ve ever wanted to. And I hope she’s the type of person who would get on a plane if ever you asked her to.

Because I would have.

I hope she encourages you to take chances but knows the greatest chance she’ll learn that she can take is on you. I hope she believes in your potential. She believes in every one of your ideas no matter how crazy they might be. And I hope she helps you to achieve it.

I hope you find that love you deserve. The love that fills your life as you’re out there trying to fill your pockets. I hope she’s someone who teaches you love is the most important thing there is.

I hope when you’re ready to love again it’s something like that. Because you’ve always deserved the best, simply because you are.

And no matter how far we may drift or how long we might go not speaking, if ever you need that reminder of what you deserve or if ever you want to know if someone still loves you. I’m a call away. I have a feeling I always will love you.

I’m okay with that. Because the most important thing to me is you find what makes you happy I just wish it could have been me.