What It’s Like To Fall In Love With A Daughter Of Christ


You were drawn to her happy spirit, even when she was sad she seemed so hopeful, ready for tomorrow, unafraid of herself. She is the most caring person you know, it seems like her compassion is endless, but when you tell her she blushes and quotes 1 John 4:19 to you.

She forgets herself; she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of her except God.

She is a quintessential “old soul”; her mind sleeps across millennia, tended to by the words that seem to come alive when she reads them aloud. Her fingers flip the translucent pages of her study Bible, each page weather-beaten and covered in notes. She seems so worldly yet so innocent; when she laughs people can’t help but smile because it’s so genuine. You never thought you would meet a girl like her; things are so easy with her.

She doesn’t expect you to save her, and as such she can relax around you, she sees you as a companion, not a god.

Because she doesn’t need you she loves you differently; she doesn’t seem to have that innate neediness, instead her soul is one of Holy joy, she seeks the Lord every day and in through it she can love you completely too. You think she’s at her most beautiful when her eyes sparkle, when she gets overcome by emotion at worship concerts.

She knows her worth; she doesn’t rely on you to tell her, Proverbs 3:15 already has. She doesn’t just have dream dresses and bridesmaid gifts on her wedding Pinterest; she has Bible verses and church decorations. To underestimate her would be to underestimate her Lord, she lives by Philippians 4:13.

You’ve seen her go above and beyond without a single thought, she seems to run on the strength of God, but when she finally rests it is so peaceful, as if nothing disturbs her.

She rejoices in trials, shuns temptation, but when you once called her perfect it was the first time a shadow crossed her face. Leaned up against you she reminded you of Romans 3:22-25, tells you not to tease. You don’t again; you couldn’t bear to disturb the bonds she has tied between herself and God, the servitude she happily places herself into for Him.

When you told her you loved her for the first time she warned you that as much as she loved you, she would always love another man more – one who had died for her sins over 2,000 years ago.

You told her you that was a condition you could easily accept, a feeling of relief accompanying your sense of joy. Above all loving her is loving Jesus yourself, it is impossible to love the things of the world and a saved thing; and she is most definitely not of this world.