New Study Shows That Being Gay May Be Your Mom’s Fault


Time has just released a new article that links your mother’s genetics to homosexuality. In a new study reported in the journal Science, families of 76 gay men were found to include a much higher proportion of homosexual male relatives than found in the general population. Interestingly, almost all the disproportion was on the mother’s side of the family. (Cue a sigh of relief from the fathers of gay sons everywhere!)

This data certainly rings true in my life. My mother’s father turned out to be a big ‘mo (whoops!), her brother is gay and then there’s me! I really didn’t stand a chance at being a heterosexual.

The fact that anyone still thinks of homosexuality as being a choice is rather frightening. I mean, why would anyone choose to be hated by a big portion of the world? But I suppose logic has never been conservative religious freaks’ forte. At least now, gay guys can call up their mom and say, “It was you who did this to me!” and laugh and then cry and then laugh again.

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