Sexy New York Therapist Gets Naked For Her Patients


This just in from New York City – a 24 year-old camgirl therapist has recently revealed ‘Naked Therapy,’ and it’s getting really popular. With dudes. Yep – Sarah White, a student at an unnamed university who’s apparently doing her thesis on Naked Therapy, is offering $150 webcam sessions in which she strips while you tell her all about your existential woes. Her nakedness gives you the “power of arousal” to take control over your life. From her website:

Naked Therapy draws on various elements from psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and positive psychology. In these practices, therapists use a variety of means (or modalities) to help patients access their unconscious and inner drives, such as dream analysis, free association, or cognitive re-programming. Naked Therapy employs a new modality – nakedness – and the related elements of beauty, arousal and desire.

I guess it doesn’t matter that she isn’t technically a therapist (i.e. she’s not licensed), nor does Naked ‘Therapy’ have any type of approval from any professional psychological association. More from her website:

It’s therapy that involves getting and/or being naked on the part of the therapist (me) and/or the patient (you). It takes place in one-on-one private web cam sessions in which we converse about whatever’s on your mind and/or you present issues and I help you think them through, explore them, and better understand them. During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life. Depending on what you want, I start the session naked…or I start clothed and slowly get naked…or….it really depends on what you want.

Right. No offense Sarah, but when I’m paying a girl on a webcam to get naked I don’t feel at all interested in conversing about my problems with depression. Oh, shit – I don’t actually do that. But if I did, I’d probably be like, masturbating. From her FAQ:

Q: Nothing’s wrong with me, so why should I seek therapy?

That’s what’s special about Naked Therapy (other than the nakedness). There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with you. In fact, I’d go one step further and say there IS nothing wrong with you, and the fact that you’re even considering Naked Therapy proves that you are open-minded, adventurous, and thoughtful! ! Why seek Naked Therapy, then? Because Naked Therapy will help you gain power through arousal.

This girl’s shtick honestly feels offensively disingenuous, but whatever, I guess. She has over 30 ‘clients’! And some are female! But why doesn’t she just start a porn site? The option’s totally available – this is America, after all.

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