Obviously I Don’t Like You Anymore, You Broke My Best Friend’s Heart


For the love of god, I can’t wrap my mind around the stupidity of some people. Like, dude, do you really think I’m still going to like you and chat with you after you foolishly broke my best friend’s heart?

Might I remind you that she did nothing to you to deserve this?

Okay, just had to make sure you realize that you were the one in the wrong in this situation in case you forgot that breaking up with her to talk to someone else immediately isn’t a dick move. Or maybe you forgot talking to other girls while you were still dating her wasn’t something you should be ashamed of. BECAUSE IT IS.

And here you are – thinking you can still contact me because you miss her. Well, no shit you miss her, you completely fucked up(???).

Why wouldn’t you miss her? You thought you would leave her to find someone better, someone prettier, someone funnier, someone newer, even though you already had someone who was all of those things and more.

Then you realized you made a big ole mistake. You realized you should have never let her go. You realized just how special that girl is, you realized that living without her in your life is painful, that you can’t get that connection with some random girl at the bar.

It took losing her for you to stop being such a dumbass and realize how lucky you were to have someone who loved you with her whole heart.

Now you’re stuck. You’re alone. You’re blowing up her phone like she had to do all those time you ignored her, all those times that you told her you just wanted her to leave you alone. And eventually she got tired of trying. She got tired of always apologizing when she did nothing wrong, she got tired of always feeling alone in a relationship, she got tired of loving someone so deeply who doesn’t reciprocate the love she deserves. And in case you’re still not aware, she deserves better than you were willing to treat her.

And she left because she had no other choice. She didn’t want to leave but you forced her to find happiness another way because she wasn’t getting it from you anymore. You forced her to find happiness in herself.

You were out living your life, hanging out with other girls, breaking her heart over and over again, and she finally had enough.

Now that you know you fucked up you think it’s okay to still chat to me about her and your relationship? Nope. I know you’re sorry, I know you messed things up – you don’t have to explain those things to be because I watched you push her away. I watched you treat her like shit.


I know how much you messed up, I knew every time she’d start crying, every time she questioned where she went wrong, every time she pretended to be okay but I could tell something was wrong.

You did mess up, that isn’t breaking news and I can’t help you there. It’s your fault for being a dumbass and not seeing what you had in front of you the whole time. You lost that girl and she’s doing so much better without you.

She’s happy now and you can’t take that away from her, not again.

And you’re right, I don’t like you. Not anymore, not after all of this.