16 Weird Things That Are Not Only Normal, But Also Totally Acceptable In College


1. Decorating your house with street signs you stole when wasted. Could you imagine walking into an adults house and seeing it decorated with reflecting signs and street cones? Nope. That would be super weird. But in college you proudly display all your drunk victories in your home for everyone to see (except the cops) because why not? It’s cheaper than Ikea furniture.

2. Being drunk in the middle of the day. Not that this is weird, but it’s widely acceptable in college. People aren’t looking at you telling you that you need to get your shit together, they’re sitting in a lawn chair next to you enjoying the weather. It’s totally acceptable to start day drink, in fact, it’s usually encouraged.

3. Going to class in your pajamas. Probably because you stayed up all night working on a project that you procrastinated hard on. But it’s fine because you don’t even need to spend any time getting ready, you can take every last cherished minute sleeping until you need to run out the door to make it to class on the dot in your pajamas. Soak it up while you can because in the real world you can’t wear pajamas to the office.

4. Eating at any and all hours of the day. You never have to be worried about being judged because you’ll more than likely always have someone to go get mozzarella sticks with at 1 AM or eat a second dinner with because the first one just didn’t do it. (That’s why the freshman 15 exists and keeps existing through out your 4 years.)

5. Always barging into your friend’s house without knocking, or asking. I HATED when people knocked on my door because that meant I had to get up. Breaking and entering is totally cool in college as long as you don’t steal anything, or at least text your friend to let them know you took something.

6. Taking a 9 minute nap. It’s important to sleep any chance you get. Don’t let anyone tell you that 9 minute nap isn’t valuable.

7. Walking into a strangers house to party. I don’t think it’s acceptable at any other point in life to just walk into a strangers house and crash their party, but in college it is. That guy from your class said it was okay to come by, so it’s totally fine… (what was his name again?).

8. Wearing the same outfit over and over, most of the time without washing it. The sniff test works wonders, right? You don’t have time to wash your clothes every week, sometimes not even every other week because it’s honestly just a pain. You have to go out of your way, find an open dryer, pay for the machines and it’s just a big pain in the ass. If it’s not stink and it doesn’t have a stain, why not just keep wearing it?

9. Hearing people puking in the bathroom on the weekend, or weekdays, we don’t judge here. So typical to always walk into your dorm room bathroom and hear someone vomiting over the toilet. Usually you just pop a quick “you okay in there?” and move on with your day like nothing happened.

10. Insanely close friendships. College is basically the only time you get to wake up with your friends, spend all day sitting around the house with them, going grocery shopping with them, studying with them, maybe playing on a team with them, getting drunk with them, and basically spending every waking moment with them and NEVER getting sick of each other. That is the dream. After that it will never be the same.

11. Walk of shames. LOL.

12. “Talking” is an actual relationship status. Because talking means you’ve got a bed to sleep in on the weekends and someone to sleep next to so you’re basically off the market for the time being.

13. Drinking Natty. And being okay with it.

14. Not showing up to a pregame without a funnel. Everyone knows the best way to ingest alcohol is fast in forms of shot gunning, chugging or funneling, duh.

15. Pregamming the pregame. Because you need to drink with your real friends before you drink with your group of friends before you meet all your other random friends at the bar.

16. Wearing little to no clothes in the winter. Because who needs a jacket when it’s below freezing out??? Risking someone stealing your jacket is NOT worth it.