One Day All The Wrong Loves Will No Longer Matter


Someday, somewhere along the line while looking for love, you will meet a guy who will break the notion of you always choosing the wrong ones.

In terms of love, you have been identified by your friends as the girl who always makes the wrong choices. It’s either you often accidentally fall for the bad boys or you just unconsciously attract these kinds of guys.

You allowed your heart to invest so many emotions with the lost soul you met at a teenage party in a local club or you just opened your door with a stranger you saw at the library and thought that he could be the one you were looking for, yet this guy just killed your innocence in love and ruined your hopeful expectations.

In the most unexpected way and time in your life, someone will make you feel that those days of choosing the wild astray hearts is over.

He will knock at your door in peace and gives way for a genuine and surreal indescribable feeling. It will make your heart stop, ponder and even question your ability to mend those broken lines and trust again. This time, with someone whose values and intentions are way beyond the ones you thought you deserve.

His purpose without him knowing is to make you feel worth it. He will look at your eyes as if you’re the most beautiful girl there is, he will hold your hands in public and doesn’t care about anyone. Behind your imperfections, he will make you feel perfect without comparing you to others and dwelling on your insecurities.

He is hope.

This one finally is worth the fight.

This feeling will be the reason for your random smiles on the train, the reason why you wake up at 3 a.m. to write a poem and makes you dream a little higher, trust a little deeper, laugh a little louder and uplift your soul so much to be happier. You may end up together or not – heaven only knows.

But wherever life takes you, this person will remind you that you deserve to experience the greatest privilege of being human: to fall in love.