This Is For The Girl Who Travels To Hide Her Pain


You hide those pain with smiles that looks so genuine and nobody else could break. Enjoying travels, experimenting food, meeting new people, lusting the hidden parts of the world and tries to discover every possible wonder this world could offer.

You laugh so hard as if you never knew what a silent cry is. You smile so vividly with luscious eyes that nobody dares to judge the smiles that turns into frown, and frown into sadness and sadness into tears when you’re all alone.

Every sunrise in a new found beach lightens up your soul that has been crushed a thousand times but still seeks for a ray of light. Every century old temple and rusty monasteries in an outskirt town rejuvenates inside of you and brings you back to life. The sparkle in your eyes when you fly a plane, land into a foreign land and dip your feet in the sea brings happiness that nobody else can fathom – only you and your disturbed mind and lost soul that lust for acceptance and love.

You keep moving and moving and moving. You’re looking forward to settle but nobody dares to hold your hand and whisper to your ears that you are worth every risk and just staring to your eyes is way beyond perfection.

You keep your feet busy, walking and searching for gems that you might uncover as you explore the world around you and the world within you. Trying to hide overthinking, fear and loneliness with happy photos of new found friends along the way, of thrilling places and dive into memories that takes away the pain for a while.

Fear of detachment – that’s what you are most afraid of. Scared to be left alone that no one will listen to your rants and carefree tales of everyday adventure. Longing for someone who will laugh with you for every misfortune and embrace you when life hits you hard and wrap their arms around you for comfort. Craving for those eyes that will look at yours full of sparks and make your life so much lighter.

A wandering soul. Trapped between pages that prevails more chapters of hope and giving up. You deceive yourself of long shot expectations trying to justify that life will throw you lemons and roses when the road is full of thorns.