One Day You Will Find Your Special Someone


One day you will find someone who makes your ordinary day into a blissful one.

He inspires you, encourages you, and builds you up.

Someone who never fails to put a smile on your face.

Someone with whom you can talk about everything.

Someone who never gets tired of listening to you.

Instead, he actually wants to hear more from you.

Someone who never judges you nor abandons you.

He even makes you feel that you are one of a kind—you are unique, special, and he makes you feel even more beautiful and makes you realize that you really are—not just physically, but inside and out.

Someone who never argues with you even though it’s obvious that you’re wrong,

Someone who simply understands you.

Someone who accepts you for who you are and will never, ever attempt to change you simply because he adores you for who you are—the way you talk, laugh, eat, and smile.

It makes him happy and the more you do it, the more he gets into you and falls for you.

You will find that someone who waits for you. Who never gives up on you. Who would do anything for you, that even if situations make it impossible for him to talk to you or text you, he makes it possible and spares some of his time for you because for him, it is a pleasure to talk with you and he says that it benefits and energizes him.

Someone who makes your day even brighter.

Someone who uplifts your soul and makes you sing louder.
You share your hopes and dreams with him.

You’re never afraid to be vulnerable because you know he will not hurt you nor has the intention of doing so.

Someone whom you’ve only just met, but it seems like you’ve known him for so long.

You talked and chatted and then he and you just clicked.

You’re never tired and will never get tired of talking about the same topic over and over again.

Someone who makes you think of fairytales and love stories, watch wedding videos and dream of happy endings, of chocolates and desserts because he is too sweet, caring, and thoughtful.

Like a warm breeze on a cold winter night, he makes you want to fly and see the world.

Makes you think of traveling which brings excitement and it is exactly the same feeling that you feel when you hear your phone ring indicating that he texted you or called because he misses you.

Someone who makes you smile like an idiot.

Someone who makes your cheeks blush.

Someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach.

That someone—he is someone that you love.

Did you think of someone while reading this? Then maybe he is your special someone.