Only Date Someone Who Thinks You Are Funny


Date someone who shares your sense of humor. Someone who will laugh when you make sarcastic comments, while other people will stare at you blankly or assume that you’re being serious.

Date someone who understands your mean jokes, even when it’s over text and your tone can get muddled. Someone who understands when you’re actually angry and when you’re calling them an idiot out of affection.

Date someone you can have a ridiculous, nonsensical, you-sound-like-you’re-high conversation with, even when you’re stone cold sober. Someone who is happy to entertain your hypothetical questions and make a game out of them.

Date someone who can make you laugh as hard as your best friend can. Someone who knows exactly what to say to cause you to crack a smile, whether you are pissed the fuck off at them or there are tears stuck in your eyes.

Date someone with an understanding of even your darkest humor. Someone who would never judge you for cupping a hand over your mouth during an inappropriate moment where anybody else would crucify you for finding it funny.

Date someone who will banter back and forth with you. Someone who will keep a silly conversation going instead of ending it by taking things too seriously and destroying the flow.

Date someone who has the same taste in movies and television shows as you do. Someone who will need to pause the screen at the same time as you because they can’t stop laughing.

Date someone who has an easy time joking around with your friends, because they have a similar sense of humor. Someone who can jump right into your conversations as if they have been part of the group all along.

Date someone who you have an unlimited amount of insides jokes with. Someone who can say a single word or a certain phrase and it will make you burst out laughing every time.

Date someone who isn’t afraid to embarrass themselves by laughing loud in a roomful of people. Someone who thinks that you are so much fun to be around and would rather spend time with you than anybody else.

Date someone who can make you smile during the most unexpected moments. Someone who will get you laughing during sex or during a funeral.

Date someone who you don’t even have to try to make laugh, because they find everything you do entertaining. Someone who loves catching you sing to the dog or giving commentary over your favorite show.

Date someone who helps you have a fun time, no matter where you are, even if it’s on a massive line at the grocery store. Someone who can turn the most mundane activity into an adventure you’ll remember weeks later.

Date someone who makes your cheeks sore from smiling so wide. Someone who makes your stomach hurt from laughing so hard.

Date someone who finds you funny — and someone you find funny. Someone who makes your relationship feel like a party you hope never ends.