Please Don’t Let Your Anxiety Deceive You


You are a warrior. You are such a beautiful, strong and mighty warrior. As you start reading this, I wish you would try at least to refuse all the negative thoughts eclipsed by the positive ones okay?

I’m so proud of you and how strong you are. Being so strong is not easy, it’s easy to stop and quit, it’s easy to fall and let it be but you choose not to. Sometimes, you listen to the voice of anxiety, but you’re strong enough to let it shut and ignore it. It’s also take A LOT of courage to wake up, switch off your alarm, taking a bath, dress up and go where you have to go every single day.

You’re so strong enough to socialize and smile even when your lips are shaking, you still choose to speak even when when your voice is cracking up. You still breathing even when sometimes it’s choking you and it’s harder for you to find an air to breathe in.

I know you’re suffering with your emotions, thinking that you have a miserable life, full of agony and fears, full of self-hate and being so unworthy. I know, but you know what? I know something that you don’t know or somehow you still can’t notice. Sometimes you don’t let your emotions deceive you and sometimes you let it go, sometimes you don’t accept those thoughts, ignore it and try your best not to be affected. You always choose to stand still and be strong. Keep it up, slowly move on and move forward.

That’s how strong you are sweetheart, even when you wanted to lose the fight, even sometimes you are so tired, even sometimes you already want to die yet you still don’t. Even sometimes you wanted to breakdown or actually broke down, you still choose and choosing to stand up, be strong and fight again. Sooner or later you will know that you already won the fight.

Don’t pressure yourself to change faster. It takes time, there’s a process on it. Slowly, and you’ll see it. You will become an overcomer and from a victim you will become a victorious. Okay? I love you and stay strong.