There Is A Four-Letter Word That Is Better The Word “Diet” And It Begins With The Letter “C”


Before I start this post I’d just like to point out that I am a firm believer in healthy eating and exercise. I love exercising and I enjoy eating healthy, but one of the most important concepts that I think people overlook is that a little indulgence is healthy too. Whilst the media obsess with the rising rates of obesity, the sad truth of the growing trend of individuals with eating disorders is often overlooked. Strict diets often do more harm than good, so, I decided to compile a list of five reasons why cake is a better four letter word than diet.

1. Because life’s too short

People spend far too much time worrying about the little things and ignoring what’s really important. If I find myself stressing over something I ask myself the question ‘will this really matter a year from now?’ If the answer is no then is it worth working yourself up over it? Calorie counting is a prime example of a habit that I think is a complete and utter waste of time. Eat in moderation, be healthy, and exercise, but remember that life is far too short to not eat cake. 

2. Because diets are destined to fail

Strict diets that encourage huge restrictions on calorie intake normally end up having the opposite effect. If you don’t give your body the energy it needs, it will slow down your metabolism in order to be able to continue to function effectively. A slower metabolism means slower calorie burn, and more fat storage. If you’re on a diet that you can’t be on for the rest of your life there’s a good reason for it – it’s actually not good for you at all.

3. Because you are too important to let a number on a scale define you

All that the number will tell you is your relationship with gravity. It cannot assess your intelligence, beauty, compassion, love or creativity. If you class something as small as a number as more important than all of those other factors, you need to have a serious rethink of your priorities. 

4. Because comparison is the root of all evil

Diets, detoxes and strict fitness regimes all have one thing in common – they encourage you to idolize and attempt to be like someone else. Comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere in life. Every single person on this planet was made to be unique, and if you spend your time worrying how to change to be like someone else, you’re wasting time that you could spend discovering what an incredibly talented individual you are. 

5. Because a slice of cake and a cup of tea can solve 99% of all life problems

Not an actual fact, but unless you’ve tried it you’ll never know. Life is challenging, hectic and stressful, and taking a little bit of time to yourself or with family and friends to sit down, relax and have a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake could be the perfect recuperation you need to brighten up your day – and you might just brighten up someone else’s at the same time!