Power Rangers’ Director Just Revealed There Will Be An LGBT Character And Fans Are Freaking Out On Twitter


It seems like Hollywood is obsessed with movie remakes these days, and honestly, we’re not complaining — there’s nothing better than sweet, sweet nostalgia. Not only do we get to see all our favorite characters on the big screen again, but a lot of times the movies come with a pleasant twist.

If you’re already stoked about the new Power Rangers film that’s coming out this Friday, you might have another reason to look forward to it: much like Beauty and the Beast’s gay character, the franchise will reportedly feature an LGBT Ranger.

Director Dean Israelite told The Hollywood Reporter that the Yellow Ranger, Trini, would have her own story arch dedicated to coming to terms with her sexuality.

Of course, a lot of people were thrilled that their favorite childhood franchise would be adding some much-needed diversity into the newest installment.




A little louder now:


But there’s more: the movie will supposedly feature an autistic Ranger too. How’s that for representation?



I never thought it was possible for me to care so much about a Power Rangers movie, but here I am.

Honestly, this tweet says it all:


If you need me on Friday, you’ll find me in the front row of the theater, casually crying into the Sour Patch Kids and flask of vodka I sneak in through my purse.