This Professor Has Some Truly Hilarious Extra Credit Questions That’ll Make You LOL


There is literally nothing better than extra credit. Nothing to lose, everything to gain; there should be dramatic music playing in the background whenever a professor or teacher announces an extra credit opportunity.

This Professor—who hasn’t been able to be identified, despite the internet’s attempts—offers an extra credit question on almost every single exam. But the questions aren’t what you would expect.

In this stats class, you better be up on your music trivia.

This one is literally a “gimmie” question.

Should’ve been paying attention in class!!

These are seriously really funny. I wish I had this professor in stats class.

Make sure you read the rest….

Some people have complained that offering extra credit based on random trivia isn’t fair to the other students. I feel like I would agree, unless I happened to know the question, then make it ~rain~ extra credit plz!