Racism Is Unintelligent


In light of the recent comments made by Donald Sterling, and the reaction of both the NBA as a league, as well as a general consensus of opinion from human beings as a whole – it seems strangely necessary that a few things be noted to people who share the views of Mr. Sterling.

Obviously, as much as we would like to believe that we live in a healthy, intelligent, and progressive world – that adapts to change, and can recognize our own shortcomings as they’re brought to our attention – we have obviously failed as a group of humans.

Erase Donald Sterling’s name from the ownership line, and even erase his presence as the owner of an NBA franchise.  Take out of the equation that he is an incredibly wealthy man, with virtually endless resources.  Forget that he will continue to draw revenue from all things Clippers for the foreseeable future.

Yes, he will eventually be stripped of his franchise – and forced to sell.  He’s been stripped of everything pertaining to the game except for his ability to continue to reap the financial gains from owning an NBA franchise.

However, that will take time.  And who knows how much.

So, to the Donald Sterling’s of the world.  The people that believe they’re living in a world where they’re forced to act a certain way, because concessions have been made to individuals who believe they should simply be treated “equally,” I ask you this.

Do you hear yourself think?

More importantly, do you think at all?  Are you capable of thought?

It doesn’t really matter what your reasoning is.  If you genuinely believe, and have utilized any sort of brain power – to determine that someone should be less entitled to the same things you are – because of their skin color – then you are truly the minority in this world.

Racism, is quite literally – brainless.

It must be because any utilization of actual intellectual power would obviously prove how ludicrous it truly is.

But then I think, it must be sad – living in their shoes.

No, not the shoes of someone of color.  But, in the shallow minded shoes of someone who genuinely believes in their heart that skin color pertains in any way, shape, or form to the character – or subject matter – of a human being.

It’s one thing to be on offense.  It’s one thing to be fighting for something that is genuinely right.  There is great cause in that, and there is great satisfaction in that.

But, there can’t be any satisfaction in being a narrow-minded, unintelligent, self-conscious, bigot.

I couldn’t imagine going through my life, living with the fear that Mr. Sterling didn’t have the courage to own up to having.  His statements, whether they’re statements of insecurity – or statements of fear of people who share his viewpoint on minorities – prove that he is not alone.

They prove that he is not the only one that feels this strongly about race, and it’s role in this country.  And, I don’t even say these things today to reiterate that more needs to be done within our culture to erase racism entirely.  That point doesn’t need to be made, because people like Mr. Sterling make that crystal clear without anyone from the opposite side even speaking a word.

I say these things to simply point out that racism is genuinely, and supremely unintelligent.

Even above that it’s wrong.  Even above that it’s hurtful.  Even above that it actually sets our nation, and our people back years in terms of equality.  Even above the fact that it suggests a level of entitlement based on the color of an individual’s skin.

It lacks basis.  It lacks genuine thought.  It lacks anything – and everything intelligent.

I have been told before, that racism – is a “belief.”  It’s not just a position, or an opinion – but a belief – and Mr. Sterling indicated he shares this belief very clearly.

You can “believe” in a lot of things.  You can “believe,” in God.  You can “believe,” in your nation.  You can believe, in literally – millions of things.  I don’t “believe” in all of those things, and everyone “believes” in different things.

But, what you can’t contest – no matter your position – is that a “belief” is backed up – and based on some degree of fact, or reputable statistic.

Racism is not a belief, any more than it is an intelligent thought. 

It is pure ignorance. 

It is nothing more than a sad, disruptive, insulting, and pathetic viewpoint – that has no merit or real thought behind it at all.

It’s actually, the opposite of thought.  And that’s both sad, and interesting when it comes from someone who has found such economic success in our world.