Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Will Give Up First On Their New Year’s Resolution


1. Gemini

Sorry Gemini, you guys make great friends and your fun and all but let’s cut to the chase, when it comes to working hard on something and seeing things through to however long it takes you to get it done, you don’t do that good of a job. You get bored easily, you have a never ending agenda of things to do but never get it done because you’re busy doing something else, you easily get side tracked- a lot. Which makes the only way you could ever achieve not giving up this time on your resolution is to bring some focus into your life.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, my oh so free spirited friend. You guys are probably wondering why you’re the second one who will probably give up on your resolution, you’re a fire sign! You don’t give up! Wrong, you’re a fire sign that doesn’t like to be tied down to anything. Plus you’re impatient, you do work hard don’t get me wrong but you also know when to throw in the towel when something isn’t for you. You can be focused, you are willing to put in hard work to things you want, but there’s just that one thing missing when it comes to the longevity of your commitment.

3. Pisces

Don’t give up so easily oh delicate Pisces. What are you so scared of? You my dear are in dire need of motivation, focus, and a whole lot of decisiveness. Please stop depending so much in your fantasyland, put on some big girl pants and destroy that New Year’s resolution of yours. You deserve it for goodness sake when you take care of everybody else other than yourself.

4. Aries

I know you expected to not be in this rank but you got to learn how to get everything done in your to do list instead of just skipping it, or scratching it out. Just finish it! That’s why you are the fourth most likely who will give up first on your New Year’s resolution. You are as determined as Sagittarius, and brave like a Leo but somehow you are the one who will literally give up half way when you were almost close to being done. Practice some perseverance and you’ll be unstoppable.

5. Libra

You’re in the middle which isn’t so bad but you’re also indecisive so you’re not fully off the hook. Like your opposite Aries, you also have your fair share of incomparable determination, and undeniable bravery. But you just can’t make your mind up about anything without someone else making the decision for you. That’s why you take the fifth spot in my probably will give up first on their New Year’s resolution list. You do work hard, I guess. You dream big, I think. But see I’ve just never seen you really want something so bad that you decide to work tirelessly for. You know? You need someone to push you, then things start to happen, like not giving up.

6. Virgo

You have a badass work ethic but you worry, lack vision, and get affected by smallest things that go wrong. You are a patient but you are a perfectionist. However, you are a planner and that is one of the best ways to achieve something- practically. My only advice to you Virgo, take it easy on worrying about every little thing and start believing in yourself more. You literally have the book on how to get rich embedded naturally in your head so start believing that you can faze off any bullshit that gets in your way when you want something.

7. Cancer

You’re practical, you work hard, and you’re patient. Everything that anyone can need to successfully achieve a New Year’s resolution is in you. But you can be needy sometimes, you thrive off of people’s support like it’s your lifeline for getting something done. Practice some self motivation while you’re working on that resolution this year cancer!

8. Aquarius

The only thing I can think of on why you would end up successful when it comes to a New Year’s resolution is the fact that you’re stubborn. Unlike your other fellow air signs, you can’t help but stick to one thing, believe in it, and fight for it if anyone ever tries to disagree with you. But that can also be your slight downfall. Yes it’s great to believe in something and see through it to the end but you also have to hear people out.

9. Leo

You have the natural hustle of a queen and you probably already have a memorabilia of past New Year’s resolutions that you’ve achieved. You maybe stereotypically labeled as “sometimes lazy” but my goodness when you want something you go out and get it full force. Although like your opposite Aquarius, you are stubborn too. Practice on your listening skills and take it easy on your attitude when someone doesn’t agree with you once in a while.

10. Scorpio

You are one intense individual so I can imagine everything else in your life is as intense as you are, especially your drive and work ethic. One thing I commend you for is your patience when you really want something and the fact that you don’t really feel the need to rub in everyone else’s faces when you achieve it.

11. Taurus

So apparently you’re most likely to become a millionaire, I mean anyone who would be known for that has to have exceptional work ethic right? Right! You guys follow and have a system of your own that is highly practical and when you have your mind set on something like a New Year’s resolution, you apply the same exact procedure to achieve it.

12. Capricorn

Congrats, you most likely are not giving up on your New Year’s resolution! Or anything in your life that makes you work like a dog. You guys are natural workaholics and I figured if someone with your mentality decided to work on a resolution this year, they would already know what to do, it would be like night and day! A new year’s resolution is about work ethic and my goodness you people are a force to be reckoned with.