Read This When It Feels Like No One Is Texting You Anymore


If you are like me, then one of the worst feelings is a dry-ass phone. It isn’t just that, as an introvert, my phone helps satisfy my craving for attention without the exhaustion of groups of people or the general public. But, there’s also something about it being dry that makes you feel at least a smidge unwanted, unloved, or just plain boring. It makes you ask yourself, “Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me?”

The lesson from a dry phone, the beauty of it really, is that a dry phone isn’t about your shortcomings. No, instead it is a sign of your strength and your growth. It’s most often a sign that you’ve quit taking people’s shit and are not settling for less than everything you want and deserve.

Your phone is dry because you quit giving time to the friends who never seem to have time for you, but always seem to have excuses. You quit giving your effort to friends who never reciprocate; you quit giving support to those who couldn’t provide the support you needed. You started to demand positive energy and began to cut out the friends who brought negativity.

Your phone is dry because you cut out the people who cannot seem to accept you for you. You let go of the people who wanted to change you. They always disguised it as trying to help you grow or improve, but it always seemed to be areas in your life that weren’t messed up or changes that would benefit them. Their toxicity was keeping you down, so you removed them.

Your phone is dry because you quit texting the guys in your life first and quickly realized who was genuine and who was a fuckboy. You quit crossing oceans for the guys who wouldn’t even bother to jump a puddle for you. You decided what you wanted and demanded people meet your expectations. And you let the boys who just could not rise to the occasion fall off to the side.

Your phone has went dry because you quit giving attention to the boys who used it for that very thing. They were the people who talked to you simply because you were available. They had no intention of being anything for you, no desire to actually spend time with you, and no goal of being in a relationship with you. They simply knew you would reply and would give them the validation they craved. They just wanted no-strings attention and commitment-free compliments, and in all honesty, to very simply not have a dry phone themselves. You finally realized your worth and decided to stop settling for half-assed or one-sided relationships.

Your phone is dry because you quit holding on to your exes. You quit staying in touch. You quit allowing yourself to send those drunk texts and lonely snaps. You ignored them when they slid into you DMs and rebuked their secret advances. You learned and accepted that they are exes for a reason, and that they past belongs just there — in the past. You let go and quit making excuses so that you could finally move forward in life.

Your phone being dry is not a problem. View it as a blessing, a gift, and solution. You have free time now that you aren’t being sucked dry of your precious attention. You can explore all the other things your phone can do. Read a book. Learn a language. Organize your life and budget. Watch a new movie or show. Treat yourself and buy yourself a gift. Use it to grow and learn and better yourself.

Or better yet, turn it off and cleanse your mind and soul for a while. Put it down and embrace the beauty around you.

Either way, embrace the dryness and celebrate the freedom that comes from realizing your worth and demanding that others realize it as well.