Read This When You Feel Like You Don’t Know Who You Are


Who are you in the middle of the night when nobody is watching but only darkness that surrounds you? Who are you in a room full of people? Do you easily get lost or do you find authenticity within yourself instead? Does your voice thrive through the noise and your truth gets heard – or silenced?

Who are you when someone looks you straight in the eye and says, “I love you?” Do you speak the words of love even if your voice trembles because of fear of unrequited affection or would you rather leave the words left unsaid?

Do you bravely face the tears in your eyes and the pain in your heart? Do you know how to soothe your aching soul or do you turn away from pride or loathe because you do not believe that you are worthy and capable of it all?

Who are you when you lose someone you love? Do you lose yourself too or do you find the courage to gather every ounce of love remaining within yourself so you can mend your broken soul instead?

Who are you when you are stripped away of the mask that conceals the true beauty behind your face? Is there courage behind those eyes to reveal your deepest fear — to let go of your wild and unbounded soul that set your heart on fire burning with love, passion, and freedom — or do you cover the truth with all sorts of filters because you believe that the truth is ugly and there are certain standards that should define your beauty?

Who are you in the depths of your being when there is no one to turn to and no reassurance to love because someone has betrayed you? Do you lose your trust and surrender the lost part of you or do you continue to have faith in life and love?

Have you truly asked yourself the aspects that define your Being? That raw, unbounded, and carnal elements that make up every single one of your billions of thriving cells that define your remarkable authenticity and your unique abilities?

Have you truthfully looked at yourself in that broken mirror and found the reflection of your truest intention? What do you see? Does she cry out in misery to be unleashed and to be found? Have you asked her what makes her soul dance? Have you asked and listened to her passion and felt the power and excitement that comes from the energy of her soul? Have you understood and embraced her flaws and beauty? Because only when you can be honest with her can you truly love, accept, and liberate her!