Read This When You Really Need A Pep Talk


You are never going to be perfect. Stop trying. Stop attempting. Stop stressing. 

You’re not going to a accomplish everything on your to-do list. Or bucket list. Or shopping list. Throw them all away. Just crumple up the papers and toss them in the wastebasket. Ditch every thought you have about why you have failed as a person because you didn’t accomplish A by the time you turned B. You are worth so much more than what can be put down on paper. You have so much more to offer than what you can fit between some lines or within 140 characters. You are the change you wish to see in the world.

The struggle of perfectionism is real. Comparing ourselves to models on Instagram who have taken 1000 photos before posting the heavily filtered pouty nonchalant stare into space is absolutely unrealistic. Yes, they are beautiful the way you are – but so are you. The way your hair falls over your face when you laugh way too loud is music to our ears. Your giggle is infectious and your joy felt for miles away. Even if you don’t think it, you have already touched the lives of hearts of people that you don’t even know, and may never know, by your kindness, generosity, and love that radiates beyond you. You are an unstoppable force, and the only person that can stop you is you.

Don’t stop. No matter what happens, do. not. stop. 

Keep going because there’s no other option.

The only failure is in not trying. Don’t take no for an answer especially from yourself. You are not perfect and never will be but you are the realistic, quintessential example of how good moments and hard experiences can make a beautiful soul that we are all so blessed to know and love. You are fiercely and wonderfully made. You are what is good about this world, even in the increasingly darkest days. You are more than the silver lining. You are the breaking dawn.

I know it seems cliche – and hell, maybe some of it is. But on days when you feel like you can’t take anymore, cliches are affirmations to remind yourself of who you are. On the days when you don’t feel like you’re enough, it’s good to remember that you are not only enough, but you are MORE than enough. Every wrinkle holds a story. Every gray hair holds a memory. You can choose to allow the negative perceptions about you to be fact or fiction and today I implore you to see the truth – that you are worthy of all the good that life can possibly offer.

No, you’re never going to be perfect. You’re going to be more than perfect. You’re going to be you.