She Is A Broken Girl But You Can Fix Her


I have a heart that would be perfect for you.

You’ll have to have pockets deep enough to pay for mistakes you didn’t make.

You have to be strong enough to carry baggage that isn’t yours.

You have to be the wall she bangs her head into and the chest she buries her tears into.

You must have ears that yearn to hear her voice and arms that fit around her so tightly she feels safe enough to love again.

You have to have the patience of Job, and his faith and his high tolerance to pain.

You must be able to read her mind and apologize for how you act in her nightmares.

You must understand how unrealistic this all sounds, there’s a ring of truth to it. And you have to be willing to adapt and overcome because she is worth it. She is worth every tug at your hair in frustration. She is worth the apology calls and the shear aggravation. Yes, she is worth the effort it will take to deal with her, even on the days that you don’t have the energy.

She is the job you didn’t know you wanted, but are perfectly qualified for. You put time into things you didn’t break but love the challenge of putting them together because you see the worth in them. You have an eye for treasures and don’t mind putting in the work. You can provide tender loving care without adding pity and ask for nothing in return except for those things that you fix to work when you’re done. You are willing to give what you’re given and as long as you see effort, as long as you see signs of life, you will keep going on your side.

You are not an ordinary man. You are the unfamiliar tune her soul hums to quiet her fear. You are the water than slowly but deliberately carved the canyon around her heart. You are the strike of the match that caused the fire that the Phoenix inside her will rise from.

You are the fixer of broken things. And she is your masterpiece.