Refuse To Believe You’re Never Good Enough


Rejection, heartbreak, pain and sadness make people feel like they’re unwanted. This leads to a conclusion that his or her being was never good enough. Humans tend to lose self worth when they feel unloved, then self pity takes over.

But don’t forget that we have a loving God above us.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” — Eph. 2:10

God created each one of us in a very special way. Our individuality is one of the best gift He has given to us. So never belittle yourself just because everything is not going your way.

Refuse to accept that you’re not good enough because you are amazing more than you think. You have a distinct talent that no one ever had for we are all made differently but beautifully. Stop telling yourself that you don’t have a talent because you do have. Stop conforming to what the world requires. Believe in yourself and have faith in Him.

Refuse to accept that you’re not good enough because you are loved. Number one on the list is of course our Almighty God, He created you with a purpose. Your sole being is a lot more important, maybe you haven’t figured out what your purpose is but in God’s time you’ll know it. Next is your family and friends, they’re your strongest connection with Him and they love you for who or what you are.

Don’t let one or two people make you feel that you’re all alone and nobody loves you. There’s more to life than clinging to temporary people who only made you feel worse about yourself.

Refuse to accept that you’re not good enough because God has bigger plans for you–plans that will surprise you because it’s too awesome that you haven’t thought about it yet. Strengthen your faith and know that He will never forsake you because He loves you.

Refuse to accept that you’re not good enough because someone out there is meant to accept and love your uniqueness . You may not believe it now but our imperfections makes us wonderful beings. Who wouldn’t appreciate someone who’s so rad in his or her own way.

You are loved: take it or leave it.

Refuse to accept that you’re not good enough just because you keep on committing mistakes. We’re all sinners but despite that fact, we are still being loved and forgiven by Him. God wants to teach us to be more vulnerable with Him. Asking for His forgiveness is what He’s just waiting for.

If God can forgive us, we should do the same to ourselves.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Thinking that you’re not good enough only proves that you are. Learn to listen and accept yourself first. Self-love is the very first thing we should do so that we don’t have to seek out for someone’s approval. Let them see how you’d grow and shine like a star.

Remember these words: You are more than enough. Your mistakes doesn’t define who or what you can be. You can do this for He will strengthen you.