Religion Is A Problem


It’s commonly accepted as “polite” to not discuss three things in everyday conversation: 1) politics; 2) money; and 3) religion. I think one leg of this tripod—religion—is vestigial and that we should definitely talk about it.

Religion is harmful. It’s forced indoctrination upon children who do not yet have the faculties to think for themselves, it tears families apart based on “matters of faith,” and it provides maniacs such as Kirk Cameron with a career.

I’d like to say I’m tolerant of the beliefs of others, but this blind peddling of folklore and the attempt to legislate passages from an archaic book with little historical validity is where a rational person must stand up and say, “This is not acceptable.” All of my peers claim to be adults, so now it’s time we acted like it. Question your beliefs. Ask yourself, “Why does any of this make sense?” And for the love of ‘god,’ consume something that disagrees with your entrenched viewpoint. I’ve read the Bible twice, and trust me, it’s a lot more awkward the second time around.

For those of you who’ve read thus far and are deeply religious, I further challenge you to retort in the comments section with your opinion. However, there is one caveat: You must express your opinion while adhering to accepted rules of spelling and grammar. You must also use the proper forms of “their,” “there,” and “they’re” just so I know you’ve injected some thought into defending your deity. Oh, and here’s a great op-ed piece (which is backed by a fact-seeking studies) that shows promise in something I believe in: We don’t have to believe in anything that’s unreasonable.