Repeat After Me: I Am Enough


I am enough.

For me. For you. For anyone and everyone.

What does this mean to me?

Body positivity. I am big enough, small enough, tall enough, hairy enough, bald enough. My body is perfect the way that it is, including any current or future flaws. Everybody is just a body and they are all perfect. It doesn’t matter if I shave, or let my hair grow, it doesn’t matter what clothes I wear or if I choose to put on makeup. It doesn’t matter if my hair is long or short or nonexistent. I am enough.

I am healthy enough. Even when my weight is coming off slowly or fluctuating. Even though I can’t always make it to the top of the mountains I hike. Even though I have anxiety and IBS and high blood pressure and an underactive thyroid. I am healthy enough. I am alive, living, and striving to be better. But my health is not a barrier to my wholeness, even if I need a wheelchair or can’t eat or can’t perform sexually or I’m blind. My body is not all of me. And I am enough.

I am smart enough. It doesn’t matter how far I went in school or how many books I’ve read. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience I have under my belt. It doesn’t matter if I work at McDonald’s or if I’m a neurosurgeon. My education is mine and I don’t need to compare it to anyone else’s. I can always keep learning and growing and doing my best. I am doing my best at the profession I love and the rate of which I am doing that Is enough. My life and brain are not in a race competing with anyone. I am absolutely enough.

I am trying hard enough. I am always working on improving my life, my situations, my circumstances. Sometimes things move quickly, and sometimes things move slowly, but they’re always moving. Some days I don’t make any progress, but this doesn’t negate the fact that I am always trying. I am always trying hard enough.

I am liked and loved enough. Because people flow in and out of our lives at a continuous rate from the day we’re born to the day we die. Friendships come and go, people are born, and people pass. As long as I like myself and love myself, that will be enough. Sometimes I get lonely, and sometimes I am physically alone, Sometimes I am overwhelmed with activities and conversations. The only thing I can guarantee through my entire life is the presence of myself. I will live and love myself enough.

I am enough. There is no need to try to be some stereotypical version of perfection. Society has no influence on my worth as a person. I am not in competition with anyone. And no one can tell me that I am less than or other in any way. Everything that I am trying to do and be, I am doing and being enough. When I want to make improvements, that is my goal and responsibility. No one can make those choices for me without my consent. My happiness is 100% inside of me and I cannot get that from anyone else. I am enough for me. In every way. And being enough for me makes me enough for everyone else, and their opinions on my “enough-ness” are irrelevant.