Running Away From Hatred Doesn’t Stop It


Yes my transgender brothers and sisters, there are a lot of Gavin Mcinneses and Jim Goads in the real world, not just in the Twitterverse or in Bloggerville—real-life flesh-and-blood haters that are so vile that they would rather see us dead than to have to live in a world where we are not all sexual- or gender-conforming figures in their delusional dream world that does not or has ever existed. I can appreciate many of the advocates in the trans community pulling their work off of Thought Catalog, but I think by doing this that we are letting the bad guys win. I think their whole point was to shut us up and keep us invisible, and we are complying by pulling our work. I hope the great writers out there that speak out for our community will reconsider and come back with a loud and clear voice that will resonate within the hearts and minds of the Thought Catalog readers.