Scientists Propose Making Child Robots For Some People To Have Sex With



Possibly the weirdest video I’ve ever posted about the most bizarre ethical topic I’ve come across. I mean, gross, okay, but lets get into it.

The proposal is this as made at a UC Berkeley robotics ethics panel discussion this month:

“Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts,” Ron Arkin, Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab director said during the panel discussion according to Forbes. “There are no presumptions that this will assuredly yield positive results – I only believe it is worth investigating in a controlled way to possibly provide better protection to society from recidivism in sex offenders. If we can save some children, I think it’s a worthwhile project.”

He’s also against the recreational sale of these future child sex robots and believes that’s unethical. But if I’ve learned anything in my time on this Earth it’s that people will take normal things or even therapeutic things and make them awful. You sell one child sex robot for therapy and before long knock-offs will be showing up in foreign lands for lower and lower prices.

Plus, it’s already in the process of happening. According to the article in Forbes “Are Child Sex Robots Inevitable?”:

Last year, a 48-year-old Canadian man ordered a 4-foot, 2-inch school-uniform-wearing sex doll made of “foam-like material.” For some reason, it was intercepted and unboxed by Canada Border Services agents at Toronto airport. They arrested the doll fan and charged him with child pornography. According to local media, child sex dolls are illegal in Canada, which doesn’t bode well for child sex bots in the Great White North. The man has pleaded not guilty and faces a trial this month. It will be a test case for virtual sexual freedom.

So, you’ve got the shell right there. I mean, there are already hyper-realistic sex dolls on the market now (NSFW) and, of course, Japan has already taken this to a whole new level. Enter the world of Japanese sex dolls. A quick google of mini-sex dolls yields this atrocityNeedless to say, that link is NSFL.

But beyond the question of the ethics of such a therapy, would the therapy even work? Would pedophiles simply be satisfied with their robot?

If I try to think of an equivalent situation for a non-pedophile, a lifelike woman sex robot, all I can come up with is that eventually I’d have an epiphany where I realized “hey, I’m having sex with a robot. I need to meet an actual woman who has actual blood in her veins and feelings, etc.”

Oh my, what a time to be alive and what horrible questions to ponder.

featured image – YouTube