Search For Your Passion Instead Of Your Person


Your person is out there somewhere, but it might not be time for you to find them yet. You might have to wait a few more days, months, years. In the meantime, there’s nothing you can do to prepare for that person — except work on yourself.

When you find your forever person, don’t you want to be as well-rounded as possible? Don’t you want to impress them with your wit, intelligence, creativity, beauty?

You shouldn’t wait for a relationship to bring you happiness. You should create your own happiness. You should search for your passion and let it ignite you, let it turn you into the type of person that your soulmate is going to swoon over.

Of course, you don’t have to focus on your career to impress the mystery boy that will eventually enter your life. Do it for yourself.

Take the time to explore your world. Explore your soul. Figure out what you want out of this life. What makes you eager to get up in the morning. What brings you the most excitement, the most pride.

You’re not really living when all you do is roll out of bed, shower, and sleepwalk through the day. You’re not really living until you find your passion, that thing that makes your heart beat a little faster and stomach feel a little lighter. That thing that mimics love.

You have to realize, it doesn’t matter whether you’re single or married, living alone or with a serious boyfriend. But it does matter whether you’re happy with what you spend eight hours per day doing, if you can say you’re proud of the person you see inside of the mirror.

You need to find something worth living for — and that thing isn’t a person. It’s writing or cooking or flying, it’s helping people or building houses or saving animals.

Maybe your dreams are big. Maybe they seem like they’re impossible to reach. But if you know what your passion is, then you’re already on your way to reaching it.

Think about it: Some people go through their entire lives without figuring out what they want. So if you already know what you were put on this planet to do, you’re already halfway there. You’re already starting your journey.

Just don’t abandon your trip. Don’t give yourself the option of giving up. Make those big dreams happen.

Because if you find your passion and follow it, then you’re going to be the type of person that can say they have zero regrets. The type of person that keeps their spine straight and head high. The type of person that isn’t embarrassed to say that they’re single.

Of course, love comes to you when you least expect it. When you aren’t even looking for it.

That’s why you should search for your passion instead of your person — because you have to fight hard for your career, you have to spend years perfecting your craft — but your forever person will just show up one day. Once you’re ready. Once you’ve found your passion and are ready for a new adventure.