23 E-Cards That Beautifully Sum Up Why You Are The Worst


1. A resolution we’ve all had at some point. 

2. Why be outside when you can be inside?

3. Honestly your friends should know better than to confide in you. 

4. It actually is you. 

5. This is called being emotionally and environmentally responsible. 

6. “I know how to take a compliment.”

7. Why waste energy doing stuff when there is Seamless? 

8. This is what the kids are doing. 

9. Technology can make anything possible! 

10. “Just breathe.” 

11. It’s all about building your ‘brand.’

12. How to ‘go clubbing.’

13. Lay down and look cute while doing it. 

14. Answer: all of them.

15. Insert instant panic. 

16. Spring is tough and so are parties.

17. Universal fear, we’ve all been there.

18. Thank you, Karen from high school.

19. TBD.

20. Packed schedule.

21. You at every wedding.

22. “Working” from home.

23. Entertain yourself for hours, or days!