She Only Dates People Who Have Strong Potential


She has never been interested in one-night stands or casual relationships. She doesn’t want to jump from one relationship to the next either. She wants something real. Something that will last years, decades, an eternity.

That is why she comes across as picky. She is careful about who she dates because she does not want to waste her time. She has standards and sticks to them.

She isn’t looking to have fun for now. She is searching for her soulmate.

She wants someone who will stay up until 2 AM, talking about their future together. Someone who will set plans months in advance. Someone who will brag about how she is their girlfriend and they couldn’t ask for anyone better.

It might seem like she’s looking for a lot — but she only has high expectations because she has a high self-worth. 

She is not going to agree to a date with a player. She is not going to get into a relationship with someone she cannot count on to stay loyal, someone who she only imagines dating for a month before it all falls apart.

Flings seem pointless to her. She is interested in something long-term.

If she agrees to date you, it’s because she sees potential in you. She thinks you will last more than a month. More than a year. Even though it’s early, it means she can imagine creating a life alongside you.

She is good at reading people. She can tell pretty quickly whether you are going to be someone who increases her happiness or diminishes it. She will be able to guess what kind of impact you will have on her world.

She would rather stay single than enter a relationship with the wrong person. She wants to be available in case the right person comes along. 

Whenever she meets someone new, she keeps her eyes open. Once she spots a red flag, she bounces. She knows she can do better. In her mind, it’s better to walk away early than to waste weeks with a person who is eventually going to give her a reason to leave anyway.

She only gets excited about people who show her they are willing to put in effort. People who are genuinly interested in her and willing to pursue her.

If someone gives her enough reasons to stick around, then she is going to give them a fighting chance. She is going to have faith in them. She is going to get attached and won’t want to let go.

That’s why she takes breakups so hard. She never dates anyone who she assumes will end up hurting her. Whenever she’s in a relationship, she thinks this is it, this is her person. When she finds out she was wrong, it’s difficult to take. She doesn’t know how to handle the disappointment.

She only dates people who have strong potential so if she gives you a chance, don’t blow it. Show her she has made the right choice.