To My Best Friends: I Am A Better Person Because Of You


I know being friends with me is not easy. There are days when I find it hard to reach out making it more difficult for you to know what I’m going through.

There are times when I just stay in my room and not speak a single word because even if I try, the words just turn into a jumbled mixture of letters with no concrete meaning and form.

I’m far from being the best friend in the world but I want to thank you for staying with me even and especially when I don’t deserve your friendship.

Thank you for understanding that I may not say it often but I treasure the memories we have made and shared. Thank you for knowing that underneath my jokes and banters are hidden tears and fears of not being good enough.

This is me saying thank you for all that you have done and will do. Thank you for believing in my dreams even when I sometimes think of them as nothing but what they are, just a dream. Thank you for the thousands of texts and calls especially on days when I don’t even have the strength to pick up my phone.

This is me saying thank you for the friendship I don’t deserve yet still received. More than the hugs and laughter, I appreciate the brutal honesty and sincerity you show me whenever I need to get my shit together. There are no flowery words, no sugarcoating. You tell me what I need to hear and it makes all the difference.

I can say that I’m a better and stronger person because I have friends who are braver and wiser.

Our friendship made me realize that no matter how tough a situation is, there will always be people who will pick me up and look into my eyes with nothing but admiration for my strength, courage, and faith.

This is why I’m saying thanks because out of the billions of friendships out there, ours made me believe that true love does exist.