Should You Break Up With Your Boyfriend? This App Will Help You Decide


I’m a month late on this, but there’s a newish app out for iPhone that’ll help you figure out if you should stay or go. It’s called “Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?,” and it’ll supposedly help you finalize your decision about whether you want to make a clean break from a mundane relationship or stick it out because he might be the one. The app has you track how you feel about your boyfriend on a day-to-day basis for two weeks and allows you to record your thoughts about how things are going. After the two weeks are over, it analyzes the data and gives you a graph of how your feelings fluctuated, then offers advice about how you might want to proceed.

Sarah Gray, the app’s creator, said the idea for the app was born out of her own dissatisfaction with a long-distance relationship she was in. “I wished I had a way to track how I felt about him and our relationship, and could see a graph which would show me if things were mostly good — or mostly sucked. That way, I could do something about it.” When she ended up checking out her relationship’s graph, she found that she was only feeling “good” 39% of the time. “Sometimes, we need an objective voice to help us appreciate a good thing or accept something painful,” she said. “And this app helps us tap into the best voice of all — the one inside ourselves.”

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