Slower Mornings, Sweeter Days


Start your days slowly.⁣

Let it be the sun that wakes you after the moon that held you. ⁣

Allow your eyes to flicker open softly to the light of a new beginning.⁣

Allow your limbs to move with ease as you awaken your body gradually.⁣

Allow your lungs to breathe in the day with no expectations. ⁣

And then pause. ⁣

Pause to feel your head cradled against the pillow that holds all of your dreams.

Pause to feel your body sinking into the mattress that bolsters you as you sleep.

Pause to feel your skin against the sheets that hug you as you rest with the moon.⁣

Pause to ground yourself in your sacred space and know that you are held and that are you safe.⁣

Then ask yourself, how do I feel today?⁣

What do I need today? ⁣

But don’t get up right away to find out.⁣

Sink into the morning by sitting with yourself. Have a conversation with your heart before having one with anyone else.⁣

Have coffee with your soul in bed and listen to what’s going on in your head. ⁣

Pause to find stillness before stepping out into the madness of daily life.⁣

Align your heartbeat with the wind’s breeze against your bedroom window.⁣

Don’t be afraid to close your eyes again and meditate on the dreams you were just floating in. ⁣

Start your day with intention before you fill in the day with colors and contrast. ⁣

Begin the day with a fresh slate where you can decide what you need to stay balanced.⁣

Be mindful of each step and each part of your body that may need more rest or a deeper stretch. ⁣

Remember that are safe, you are secure, and you are here to do wonderful things in this world.⁣

But there’s no need to rush. There’s no reason to hurry through the morning when you remember what it means to be alive. ⁣

Light some incense, play music to your heart’s content, dance to the rhythm of your heart, and let the morning flow. ⁣

Let the worries of the day before go, and move with compassion in your soul. ⁣

Discover gratitude for the little things like the smell of your coffee or the socks on your feet. ⁣

And every time you go to do something, ask yourself: does this serve my deepest me?

Does this feed the light within me? Does this make me feel free? ⁣

Find the freedom to live intentionally, and start your mornings slowly.